5 things to do before traveling abroad


There are so many reasons why people want to travel internationally. Some people go to other countries in order just for having fun and the other might go across the nation because of the duty, job, study, etc. We know that, each country is not the same. There are so many differences including, ethnic, race, language, lifestyle, food etc. If you do not prepare before going aboard you might get shock about the differences or people often say culture shock.

Culture shock might happen when you, just arrive in other country where is very different with yours. You might feel dizzy, confuse, or helpless. In order to anticipate the culture shock, there are a some tips you should prepare before you going abroad.

1. Mental
Before going abroad be sure that you have prepared your mental. Remember you will life away from your friends, relatives, family etc. Be sure that your mind is strong and ready to face anything happen alone.

2. Language
You should know about language that used in your destination. Ya If you have time you could learn about the language. No need to master knowing the basic language which is for surviving is enough. Do not worry to much about speaking, because you will learn and master the language automatically after you staying then. However to begin with, of course language is very important because without language it is very difficult to communicate. If its not possible to learn language you might lean an interpreter or translator to accompany you.

3. Money
Remember you should understand money is important. Without money you might face a big problem even you might difficult to go to your country. Make sure you have enough money before go abroad, then you also must understand about the currency gap.

4. Information about the country
Finding information about your country destination is a must. You should know how to live there including the culture, food, habit etc.

5. Emergency address including the telephone number
Make sure that you know where to find help in emergency situation. You should have information about the hospital, police station, fire extinguisher, and other important address. It is better to have a friend or someone who live around you that can help you in emergency situation.

Well I hope those tips would help you to be prepared before having an international trip. Good luck on your trip and take care of yourself.

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