the cause of blog visitors decreasing on the weekend


Visitors is the main role on blogging. Without visitor, blog will be more likely be a zombie, no one see your article, creation, and hard work. So it seems that blog is useless without visitor. Of course some people making blog just for themselves, or many people says diary blog. Even some of diary blog do not allow search engine to craw their site because this blog is a privacy blog. Okay this article is not for a diary blog, this one is for a normal blog. Lets forget about diary blog. Now we need to focus on our goal visitors.

Well gaining many visitors might not easy. Especially for a beginner. I require hard work, consistency, time, and persistency. Besides, you may face many problem, including, deindex, banned, lose in seo competition, less visitors, etc. Today we won't discuss those all problem, but in this time I would help you in facing lose visitor on the weekend.

Have you ever seen your visitor decrease on the weekend. If yes then you landed on the right page. When we open our blog counter such as, google analytic, hitstats, etc, I probably see our blog have lesser visitor on the weekend than other day. Well, not all of blogger get this problem, just some of blogger. If you do not see any loss visitors on the weekend then you are so lucky. Well if you have less visitors on the weekend then do not disappointed. Here are the reason why you have little visitor on the weekend and how we face it.

The main reason why you lose your visitor on the weekend because your blog niche. You should know that on the weekend people tend to find something that can entertaining than working. Weekend seems to be a relax day. So if your niche is about education, or working tips, that this is the cause.

On the weekend many people spend reading about joy, entertainment, holiday etc. In addition, people also love spending their time to open social media, and stay on touch with their friend. That is the reason why no one read article about education and tips or working on the office. As the result blog with working or education will lose visitor on these days.

All right, now we know the cause then how to face it. Ya tome our visitors sable every day, we also need to put an article related to the weekend or holiday. Even tough, your blog niche is about education, maybe you can also to write an article about, how to spend weekend wisely, how to be relaxing on the weekend, and any other article related to the weekend.

So that all the tips about gaining visitor on the weekend, I hope this article help you then good luck on your blog.

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