3 points of how to memorize fast


Memorization is an important skill in daily life. By having a good memorization, people would respect you, and you probably known as a smart person. However, each person has a different ability of memorizing. Well, in common, I would like to differ 4 type of human brain in memorizing;

1. Fast and durable of memorizing
This type is the best type of memorize ever. A person who have this type usually labelled as a smart person. When the person try to remember something, they only need a small amount of time, but what he/she try to remember will be last for a long period of time.

2. long time and durable of memorizing
The person with this type has a strong memorization but it takes time to remember something. He/she might read many time before he could remember what he want to save in his/her brain

3. Fast but not durable
Some people would be so fast to remember something, but what he want to remember its not durable. He probably could answer what he want to remember for the exam, however after the exam he/she could forget everything what he/she has remembered

4. long time and not durable
For the person who suffer this type of memorization, is a bit difficult to remember. However, When after this person, spend a lot of time to memorize something, it could be gone easily in a day. It could be bring of frustration situation indeed.

Anyway, If you are the person who has a type number one, I think you could skip this 3 ways of memorization because you do not need it at all. However, for those who are the type number 2, 3, and 4, This type of memorization would help you so much.

1. Please relate what you want to remember to the other thing. For example when you want to remember you need to 5 dollar for your friend, please remember what the 5 dollar looks like. You might remember the picture, the writing style of the money, etc. The point is always make a relation to other thing what you want to remember, because when you forgot, you could call your memory back by using the related thing that you have remembered.

2. Write what you want to remember. Believe or not, writing could help your memory last. After you memorize something, then you write what you have memorize, it strengthen you memory level and help it to stay in your brain for a long time.

3. Keep practicing to remember. If you want to have strong memorization, you should practice to use your memory. There are many tips on the internet, how to enhance your memory power, then you should do that. You may also need to ask your friend with a good memorization how he/she usually memorize something. Actually people has different strategy of how they remember something, and find the strategy that is best for you.

So, that all of the tips from me, I hope you enjoy my tips and be a smart person by have an excellent memory.

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