what should I write on my blog


I know that you have many plan on your blog. You want to make your blog become the biggest blog in the world ahh I know it sounds a bit naive but, well lets say that you want to make your blog to be a blog that give you a money. mmm yaa it sound possible. To make a good blog absolutely you need to write. Ya you probably want to write but you stuck. You have no idea what you are going to write. Then what you will probably do. How could you get an idea or topic to write well lets take a look on this phenomenon.

You know what, if you just consider on the topic all the time, believe me you will face such a difficulty in starting. You probably think a topic for a decade while you won't start to write at all. So the solution is just go man. Let it flow. What you need to do is, just write the think inside you brain. What ever it is, just change it into the words. Trust me you have a lot of thing inside your brain. For instance, you could write what your friend said to you today, or what you got from the movie. Anything but writing. Do not think the topic so much dude. Even if you got many topic from the internet but the topic won't interest you, trust me, it will be very boring.

Well that the fisrt theory, how about the second. Ya, I would like to recommend you for what you want to learn, and that what are you going to write. If you have something to learn, then you need to write it. The reason is simple because writing can also help you to learn. While you are writing, you are learning at the same time. Believe me it is very helpful, especially if you want to remember about some theory, then if you write those theory, it also would help you to remember it.

The last is, write what your daily life, your style, your habit, etc. Each person have its unique. Those unique probably does not interest you so much cause you already have it, but dude, listen to me. You probably do not know there are a lot of people who want to be like you. There are many people like the others style. Trust me, we probably do not see our ability, but sometime people do. So just share what you skill is. Whatever it is, just share. Even if it sounds to be stupid but just share dude. I give you an example, I can cook easily, without thinking, even I can cook a food that is more delicious that a rigors recipe. But I don't think it is an important skill but my family think what I have, is a big talent. So, lets tell the people what you skill at, than they will like you even admire you.

That I think it comes to an end. So that all about my writing. So, what do you think dude. are you confuse, haha , anyway thank for read my writing. I hope you enjoy it. Do not forget to check my next writing. Good bye. oh yeah one more, this is an example of writing when I have no idea what should I write lol.

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