students should be rewarded or punished

teacher shoud punished or rewarded

For the teacher there are two main actions to make a students perform better in the field of study. Actually, there are many method teacher can do, but to make a general there are two main actions, rewarded or punished.

In school there are many teachers whom students met so they may face different character. Some teacher prefer to reward the students even if they fail. The reason because to make a student feel appreciated what they done, then they may perform better. At the other hand some teacher like to give punishment when the students fails. Punishment surely can make student aware about they work so they will not make a same error again.

From those views it seems that all the method whether punished or rewarded work well. Rewarded students can perform better as well as punished student. Yaa because those view just the positive one. Lets see about the negative impact.

Even rewarded student feel the work always been appreciated, the work would not grow better as good as punished students. They did not know if they work is not good. They just think they are genius and they can do anything. This type of students also do not know what kind of error they have made. All they know is just correct, correct and correct.

Now lets see the negative point from a punished student. Well we agree that the student with punished method will know they error, they would always fix it because they know if they would not, they punishment wait for them. However, this type of student will have a lack of confident. They think they can work, well because they know their teacher always punish them even with a simple mistake. This is absolutely bad for children psychology, because they mental is pushed and they may become a bad person in the future.

Lets take a look about the cons and pros. We know that, each methods both rewarded and punished have its positive and negative impact. So the best approaching idea to deal with students, is using both method in the right situation. If the students work well and just have a little mistake we may use the rewarded approach. In the other side, if the student make so many errors then we should try to fix it first. After that, when you see the students do fix their error you also need to use the rewarded method.

However, if students abandon and did not pay the attention to what the teacher do for their development this is what we say "a problem". As a result, they do not care about their error and making the same errors again and again. In this situation rewarded approach won't work. then the punishment should be given. Remember, the punishment also should be a good thing, never torture the student or make the feel guilty. Just punish them with additional homework, additional class or anything that can help for the students' development. In fact a good teacher, always know the best punishment for their student, based on the situations of that student face. So be a smart teacher, not a cruel teacher.

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