how long you should study per day


Study, yeah everybody know what this word means. It means that you need to do something to get some new skill or knowledge. Probably, its not only about getting new knowledge but it is also to strengthen your skill that you already have now. Okay back to the topic, how long do you need to study per day, it is okay for 1 hour per day, or 2 hours, 3 hours or more. Aha, it is now getting exciting right. Well lets see the explanation.

You should know that, each person and each individual has different strength as how long the can focus on studying. Okay lets see, some people can enjoy study more that 2 hours and they get everything what they learn for. Other, cannot focus for along time, they feel boring or the are not focus when they learn for an hour. Now you see that, the second characteristic will not last for studying even an hour.

So what happen if they cannot focus on studying but they force to do it. Well since they cannot focus anymore, it will difficult to get an effective study anymore. Unless they gain the focus back to themselves then then it probably good.

Now, I believe that, you could just what type you are. Are you 1 hour learner? 2 hours, 3 hours, or just 30 minutes. Ya you decided it. You should know that, them most important thing about studying is not about how long, but how effective you study is. Effective study means you study and you get what you want to study. I mean you get what your goal for studying. Do not study for nothing. There is absolutely wasting time, when you study for a long time but what you get is nothing.

You probably just real just like reading for nothing. Then you got nothing to remember. Studying 30 minutes but effective is much better than studying for 3 hour but get nothing to remember. Now make sure that you can study effectively. However, if you can hold an effective study for a long period of time, it is absolutely brilliant. But, some people need to do practice in order to persist the effective study. You absolutely can add more time for your effective study if you want to practice. But yaa you need to accustomed to do an effective study then you can add more extra time, when you get comfort zone to do that.

But, I think it is okay to force you to study hard, however what I want you to highlight is keep your study effective and do not let your time waste for nothing. Good luck dude and keep studying to reach our goal and dream.

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