does homework effective to educate children

how efective does home work contribute for children

Homework is an additional course of work that have to be done by students. In the effectiveness of the homework, there are so many arguments either support the homework or deny it. As for students many of them did not agree with the homework because they are tired and need rest while staying at home. Lets takes a look in the reality spot. The effectiveness of homework is depend on many things.

First homework can be very effective for a student who do not have more studying activity besides school. After they go home surely, the homework can encourage the student to study at home. This is absolutely an positive activity that may help the student to increase their understanding about course.

At the other hand, there are many student who has many activity in school. Nowadays, parents tend to give the children additional course to study more. Some of they may also follow many organization in school. After they finished studying in school, then go to course plus taking organization activity they absolutely need a rest. At night, they must be tired because so many activity during the day. Giving a homework for this student is just like forcing them to study like a slave. Remember, when someone got pushed to hard to study and it has beyond the limit it will not be effective, even could be bad because the lack of rest then caused them to lost the focus.

The homework is also not effective for a children who take a full day school. Remember they are studying all along the day, giving them more course in the night is absolutely not good. Moreover, how if they go homework for many course. They could spend all the night to finish the homework and may have lack of sleep.

So, to make homework works for students, the teacher should look the conditions. If the students tend to have less activity at home, such as a long holiday, maybe a little homework could help they, so they will not forget they material while in holiday. At the other hand, when the condition says the students seems to have so many activity including, organization, full day school, additional course, then the home work is better not to be given.

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