why you should obey your parents

we should obey parents

You should know that, parents is the best human in this world that you have. You absolutely not in this world without your parents. From the beginning of your life, your parents always help you everyday, feed you, clean you, cheer you up, etc. When you become a  little boy, you parent send  you into school, give you some money, and pay your tuition.

Now you are teenager,  You need become greater than before, you aware with the fashion, style, gadget, vehicle, etc. When you asked all of those need to your parent, then they will buy it to you. Have you ever think that why your parent is very kind to you? Well the answer is very simple because they love you so much.

Day by day, years by years, then time passed, you become an adult. At this day, you do not need your parent help anymore, because you have already a great job. At the other hand your parent now grow old, the become weaker than before, sometime they may asking help to you. They question is would you like to help your parents.

Sometime when your old parent become an old person, they may act like a kid. They emotion is not stable anymore as well as their mind. They may look annoy you, then you could feel uncomfortable. Well, in fact when you were a kid, your parent always feel the same even worse then you feel right now. Your parents wake up on the midnight when you are crying, holding you every where, never let you down etc.

In conclusion, there  are no reason for you to disobey your parents need, if what they want is not a bad thing, then your job to fulfil your parents need is a must. There are no reason for you to feel annoy by your parent because  you become what you have now, is still because of you parents help and of course because the kind of the Allah. Never forget what your parents do for you.

If you act a bad thing for your parent, or broke they heart, then you are not a human even worse than an animal. So let make our parents happy as the same as when we were happy as a kid long ago.

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