the use of technology in britain from 1972 to 1983


Technology is always help people in in their life. Many people could work much easier than before thanks to the technology. Today in this post I would like to talk about the use of technology in Britain. Since 1972 to 1983, there are a significant raise in the use of technology. If you asked me how this phenomenon could occur, I would say that because the technology improvement.

Day by day experts always try to find something new in the technology. This program aims to make people get the easier live by the technology. For instance, the improvement of the telephone to the smartphone is absolutely help human more than before. Today people could call other where they want without any cable to connect them anymore.

Back to the technology in Britain, there are some scientific record about the technology use. From 1972 to 1983 there are six technology written in the report including, central heating, television, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, washing machine and telephone. All of them show the improvement of use. In addition, there are some technology did use in 1972 namely video and dish washer. The report did have data about the use of video except in 1983 while dishwasher began used in 1978.  This result could imply that, video and dishwasher is the most recent technology among the other.

So believe or not, technology has been use long time ago even before 1972. When we try to see a today report, the result of technology use is much greater than this report because there are so many new technology has been found.

From those explanation we could conclude that, technology always improve years to the years. The reason for this improvement because there are so many new born technology will be found. It also make people count the work more in technology to get the easier work of humanity.

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