the taste of music


Everybody knows music. Music is an instrument that we could enjoy by hearing it. There are many different types of music that we could enjoy today such as, rock, pop, and jazz. In fact, people may have different taste of music. Some people may like pop while the other may prefer listen to jazz. Actually it really depends on what they are comfort to listen.

Believe or not, music has many uses for human. People may use music for relaxation. In addition, the slow music with calmly instrument would help the brain feel comfort and relax. That's why music could easily swing the human mood. This could happen because words which is used in music can give some suggestion for human brain. So no wonder it easily happen to people when they are listening to the music it affects on their feeling or mood.

Music has been found for a long time ago. So there is an old music is known as traditional music. This type of music has some different form from international music. Old music or classic music tends to use a real old instrument that rarely use for international music. The old instrument used in traditional music generally old such as, duff, tambourine, flute, ukulele, etc. Fortunately, there are still many people love listening classical music, especially for the people who born in the classical era.

Some people believe that traditional music is more important that the international music. Is it true? Well, actually both type of music are important since each person has different taste of music. Classical music may give use an old story or a memorial. In the other hand, international music give us a fresh idea, what is happening right now.

So, lets enjoy the music that we like. Especially for the music that can cheer we up or give some motivation for our life.

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