the benefit of playing chess


I have many activities that I like to do in my life. However, just a few of them I consider as my hobbies. In this article, I would like to describe 2 hobbies that I really like to do.

The first hobby is playing chess. Many people think that, playing chess is just wasting the time. But, for me, chess is not just a game. We put our brain in this game. Playing chess will strengthen you critical thinking. It also train you how you take a decision in your life. The best skill that I love when playing chess is mind reading. I could read my opponent mind and how they behave in real life. Asking how to you mind reading when playing chess, you may get the answer when playing the game regularly.

The best part that I love in chess is when we predict what happen in the future. Playing chess is not only focus on the current time, but also the forecasting skill. You should know what the effect in the future when you make a move. Believe me, this skill is important in real life. Even, the success people are always good in this skill so that they could predict a goal to achieve in the future.

When playing a chess, I like to spend more hours. Time goes very fast. Especially when I face such a great opponent, I feel the game so enjoyable.

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