some important impacts to study history


Some individuals may think that the past has small significant to today’s world. They assume that historical background is not really important to be taught for the children. In fact, the past event always has an impact to the future. For the next generation, there are some important impacts to study history namely future anticipation and an important event.

First, people is only able to anticipate the future event by studying from the past. When people have an experience, they may be able to predict what comes in the future. In other words, you can learn what might happen next, if you learn about something in the past. For instance, for the children, studying the past event about disaster is very important. Disaster might come again in the future for the next generation. So by giving the information about the past, many lives could be saved from the repeated disaster.

Second, history tells the future generation not to forget what happened in this world as an important memory or event. There are so many events or incidents which are very important for the future. I take Indonesia history as an example. We do not know how Indonesia became independent if we do not learn the history. As a result, we do not how Indonesia became a country and how Indonesia faced colonization. Our future generation should know about this information because the history of Indonesia will be the vital story to the future and for the sake of the country.

In brief, Past event has a significant impact in the future. This is why the young generation should learn the history. Believe or not, when young generations lose some vital information in the future, this lose is because they do not learn about the history. Thus, people really need to learn history especially for the future anticipation and important memory.

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