two main disadvantages of the Internet scam and piracy


Talking about the internet and web, it seems that talking about the twin blade of sword. Internet is not only has a lot of benefits but also it has a lot of disadvantages. When the internet is used not properly, it can cause many problems. These problem can be classified into two main categories namely scam and piracy.

First, scam is very danger. Many people have lost a lot of money due to the fraud. People may invest a lot of money on the internet, but there are no guaranteed that the investment is save. Nowadays, we could see virtual money is used on the internet, but it is very difficult to distinguish which money is not a scam.

Second, piracy is considered to be a main factor for a company to lose a lot of money. Before the internet and web is commonly used, people have to buy offline for the works of an artist. However, due to the internet, a lot of piracy have been spread and people can get the works of an artist easily even just for free.

To deal with those problems, the government must establish the online police that can control the use of the internet. In addition, government also could make a certain law which is related to the misused of the web or internet. Another possible solution is to give a strict punishment for the people who try to gamble or to make a scam.

In conclusion, since technology of the internet has many negative impact for the people, internet should be used wisely. In addition the stake holder or the government must pay a lot attention to the misused of the internet. Those attention should be in form of the law, strict rules, or online police. So, those problem could be solved and the internet can be used safely.

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