the important of making changes in your life


Successful people always make changes in their lives because, without changes, people will always stay at the same level. A change leading to be better is a must for the better life. Unfortunately, many people enjoy staying in comfort zone, a zone avoiding people moving on. In this case, there are several reasons why people like to stay in comfort zone and avoid to make changes.

First, they are satisfied for what they already have in the present. When people reach a certain point in life, they may be reluctant to do something to reach the better result. Just say that a person who has a dream to be a teacher becomes a teacher then it may stop him to learn more and increase his career level. This also become a main factor that stops people to make changes in their lives. So, we must keep our motivation to be better.

Second, they are afraid to take risk. They prefer staying at their comfort zone and stay at the same level. However, in life, sometime we must have a bravery to challenge ourselves to take  risk. Just say that, when we dare to dream to build a big company, then we must dare enough to invest our money to the company even there are chances of bankruptcy. In fact, successful person always dare to take risk to be better and make changes.

Third, they do not have goals in their lives. This seems to be bad when someone does not have targets in his or her life. How could someone make changes if he does not know what changes he should make and what the purpose of those changes. Surely, people are motivated to make changes when they have goals. Based on this reason, we should construct our future plans and certain goals in our lives.

In conclusion, By pursuing the better result, daring take a risk, having certain goal of life, we can motivate ourselves to make changes and to move on from the comfort zone. Because we know that, making changes is very important to our lives in order to get the better result of life and to reach our bright future dream.

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