Money spent in school in United Kingdom


The essay above illustrate the money which was spent by school in UK in 1981, 1991, and 2001. There are five main categories namely teachers' salary, furniture and equipment, resources, other workers' salary and insurance.

First, in 1981, the teachers' salary was 40%. This was the biggest spending among others categories. For furniture and equipment, it was 15%. Resources spent about 15%. Then the funding also been used for 20% for others workers' salary. The lowest percentage was in insurance. It was 2%.

Second, in 1991, the teachers' salary was increasing for 10%. It was become 50% among others categories. For furniture and equipment, it became 5%. Resources has changed in to 20% which mean increasing. Other workers' salary also increased for 6%. Then Insurance got 3%.

Third, in 2001, the teachers salary decreased for 5%. However, there was a significant increasing for furniture and equipment. It was 23% in this year. In other hand, resources and other workers' salary decreasing from 20% to 9%.and from 22% to 15%. For the insurance, it was 8% in this era.

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