how to take care the acne by herbal


Acne actually can go away automatically  for days or weeks. However there are some ways you can do to fasten the process. There are some ways you can do.

Acne is one of skin problems which commonly happen. This condition make such a uncomfortable feeling and for some people it could reduce your confident. There are some method you can do to tackle this issue whether by herbal or modern medicine.

Modern ways to deal with acne, as follow;

1. Wash your face routinely
To avoid the acne in your face you are recommended  to clean your face by using soap or soft face cleaner. Especially, after using make up or doing exercise. At least you could was 2 times a day.

2. Using toner
After having washed, you may apply tone on your face. Toner could clean dust or make up on your face. Toner also help to reproduce the pH on your skin so it avoid the skin becomes dry and help to reduce the oily skin. Anyway, it help you to overcome the skin problem including acne.

3. Moisturize
The next step is to keep you skin moisture. One of the ways is to put the moisturize on your face. If you keep your face moisture in the right way it could minimize your oil production on the face. Overall, it may help you to reduce the acne.

4. Use the sun block
After you apply the moisturizer do not forget to put the sun block. For some people the sun shine could make the acne grows. However, you need to consult to the doctor about the sunlight for your skin.

Natural ways to deal with acne, as follow;

1. Ice
You can help to minimize inflammation by the ice. Cover the ice with the cloth material, put it on your acne for one minute. This could help the acne to relief.

2. Egg whites
This material is not only for your acne, but also it could help you to take care your skin. You just need to apply the egg whites on your skin for ten minutes. Then wash it with the water.

3. honey
The next natural way to deal with acne is by using the honey.  Honey will maintain the good bacteria so fasten the heal of acne. To make the honey face mask, just mix the honey with cinnamon the put them on the microwave for 30 seconds.

4. Cucumber
This fruit can give you cool sensation so it may help the inflammation of acne.

To maximize the result, you also need to have healthy daily habit and controlling your diet. Do not forget to have an exercise to stay in fit. However, if the acne keep persist you need to consult to the doctor.

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