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You probably have seen many great writers in this world. Sometime, you want to be one of those people. It is possible to acquire a skill of writing as long as you want to do what you have to do. Writing is not quick task to do. Thus, it requires a lot of time to master the skill. You need a lot of practice in writing if you want to be a great writer. In this article, I am going to show you want kind of activities you should do in order to be a good writer.

1. Write every day
You should try to write every day. You may stuck sometimes when you have no ideal what should you write. However, you may try to make a diary of your life so can tell everything happen around you

2. Deciding what kind of writer you are
There are so many types of articles in the term of writing. Each of the articles could be very different. For example, If you want to write in academic, you should practice academic writing. In the other hand, if you want to focus on entertainment only, then you should learn more about that. 

3. Read a lot
Reading and writing is connected each other. You could easily boost your idea by reading a lot. Thus you need to find which article is best for you in order to gain novel idea for your own writng.

4. Find your inspiration from others
There are so many great writers that you could learn from their successfulness. You should take may lesson from then and get your motivate by knowing how they deal with the struggle until they reach they goal.

5. Never give up
If you give up, then you fail. You should keep motivate yourself, even if you face the boredom or others problem that could disturb you goal. Remember, there are always problem in reaching the goal, only the person who never give up get what they want.

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