The way to choose major in college



After graduated from the high school, many students have a dillema in choosing a major of study. Some people think that students prefer to take a very important field of study like science or technology, the others say the best way to take a major is based on the like of the students themselves. Well, in my opinion, each options have pros and cons.

When you chose the useful field of study, you could give a very significant impact for the world. lets, say when you become a chemist you could invent some new medicine which could heal all of  people around the world. Unfortunately, this option does not guarante you want to study or not. If you do not like the major that you choose, it is become more difficult to be succeed in this field of study.

At the other hand, when deciding to choose a major that you like without any hesitation you have a greater chance to be succeed in you option. Since you love the major, you may have strong motivation to study hard and stay on the track. You also become more  persistance when boredom happen to you.

Based on this view, I personally would rather to choose what I like rather than to choose a useful or famous major. I believe that ever major is important and could give impact for the world as long as you put everything to reach the goal. Thus I do not agree if the students cannot be allowed to choose the major that they like. 

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