the advantages to be blogger

Now blogging is a popular activity on the internet. Many people want to be a great blogger and they may have many reason for blogging. Blogging is the positive activity that encourage you to write and sharing what is your writing and what you will share to people. Is good idea to use your free time to write some articles on your blog because blogging has many benefits and advantages. So there are some advantages that you gain when you write some article in you blog.

1. Improve you writing skill
Writing is very important in our life. Most of employees write every day as their job such as proposal, letter, note, job application and so on. So writing skill is very important for the human being. Actually I also try to improve my writing skill by blogging.

2. Get the money
By blogging you can find a real money by advertisement, sell you product, or by promote your ability to public.

3. Increase IQ
A lot of research show that writing is a good way to increase you brain ability. And most of genius people make writing as their hobby.

4. To share your problem
When you have a lot of problem you can share through your blog. It looks like facebook status, even you can make your status by a lot of decoration, because you may add images, video, etc.

5. be famous
Many people has proved that. If you wanted to be famous you can show your writing skill to people around the world. But remember you have to make your blog to be interesting.

So what makes you doubt to show off you writing.

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