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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent and the Merciful.

All praises be to Allah SWT, the lord of the world, the master of the day after, the creator of everything in this Universe, where he has no partner. He has also given us such deeply enjoyable, particularly faith and healthy comfort, hence, we could attend here in a good situation.

Peace and Salutation be upon our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has taught us the cardinal principles of the unity of God, obliged us to confess it with the tongue and believe it in the heart. He also has brought us from the darkness to the brightness, from stupidity to cleverness

My Honorable to mr Arifin, and All of my friend who are sitting on this class.

Well, today, in this very special moment, let me stand here to deliver a speech about loosing weight

As we know that nowadays many people have a problem by overweight. Overweight is danger because it can make alot of disease such as, diabetes, stroke, heart attack so on.
Loosing weight is the way to overcome the obesity. Even though you are not overweight but, you look fat I believe  that you want to try to reduce you weight especially due to your appearance, and maybe for nice looking.

I admit that I was fat when I’m in junior high school. I got a bad circumstance for instance, My friend mock my, or say everything that I don’t want to hear that made me feel inconvenience. So based on my experience I want to clarify to you a few tips that may you try if you want to decrease your weight.

First doing exercise

Doing exercise can help you burn you fat. When you do the exercise you trow you fat through your sweat. There are many kinds of exercise that you can try to do such as, swimming, jogging, stretching, running etc. I used to play football in my hometown and after one month i felt that my body thinner than before.

Second control your eat

After you do exercise you have to control your eat. Choose the food that have a good vitamin, and protein, such as, vegetable, beans, and fruit. While in the other hand you must avoid a junk food such as, cheese, burger, chocolate, and noodles. Eating three time a day must be enough, and don’t eat too much. You also have to eat in the right time, for example, you eat lunch in 12 a’clock, or perhaps you eat dinner at 8 a’clock. So make you sure to eat regulary in the right time and by the right food.

Third having enough sleep

Sleep can help you to reduce your weight. The question must be how could it be? Sleeping can avoid you from the eat. For example, If you don’t sleep at night you must be hungry at the moment. While reasearch have shown that people who love to stay up late, have a bigger chance to be fat, and belly punchy. It must be bad for us. So just sleep and don’t stay up late.

For the conclusion doing exercise, control your eat, and having enough sleep will help you loosing wight and be an ideal person who has a lot of fans.

That all for me thanks to hear me , assalamualaikum wr-wb

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