writing is an art. Many people dislike writing but, love the result. Result cannot directly appear without a process. A great article cannot be done without the writing. Many people have proved they become a rich because of writing. Not only articles but, there are many examples of words that makes people gain money. For example, when people write some lyrics of song, or poem, poetry etc, they become a billion er. We can see now how many people succeed because of their art. As an human being we have a problem that is called lazy. When we are lazy, we will be hate to write or do something. All of people have a side of laziness, but it depends how they overcome it. Most of writer also feel lazy to write something, but they force their selves to do that. And because they do that again and again, the laziness is gone from their selves. They fell writing is fun now.. Then it becomes their habit. Do not really care how bad your writing now. Everything start from a bad, and will be good, better, and then be the best. Make sure that you write at least one per day. Write everything that you want. And if you are serious and do that continuously, you will see how great your writing art and how many your reader in the future.

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