How to spend holiday


Holiday, its sound yummy, just like a delicious cereal that we are waiting for. After we work, from Monday until Friday, finally the holiday arrive. Ya we are happy about holiday so that we need to make our holiday become a quality holiday. The quality holiday means that we spend our holiday by having a precious activity that we need. It is important to make our holiday as an happy day to fix our mood. So the question might be, how could we make precious holiday. What activity that we should do. The answer is depend on your need dude. Buy hey do not worry I will give you some good option how to make a precious holiday

1. Shopping
You do have any plan for today or no one ask you go outside for this holiday. Relax dude, there is a precious activity that make you enjoy your life its called shopping. To make it works as planned, before you go shopping, I recommend you to make a list what are you going to buy. If there is nothing you want to buy, and you have nothing in the list, you could simply go to the supermarket, or a mall to refresh you brain, and see what the think would make you want to have. If it is possible just buy and grab it. Oh yaa, shopping also has a disadvantage which is it will eat your money bro. So just do this activity if you have some additional money okay.

2. Meet your friend or colleagues
You probably spend your time in working and doing some activity again and again. You also probably meet the  same guy in the office every time. I know it is boring dude. Lets meet other people. Yaa the others who miss you a lot because you have not seen them for a long time. On the holiday lets spend your time with them, tell them about anything good, make a good discussion, or go having fun with them. It will make your holiday become the precious holiday, trust me.

3. See your family
You know what your family miss you a lot. They always hope you to spend a little your time with them. But it seems that you look so busy for them. So let enjoy your holiday with your family. Ask them to go everywhere. They will follow you especially if you ask them to go for the holiday trip. Enjoy your day together with them, just like when you enjoy with them when you were a kid.

4. Sleep
Oh come on man, should I put this activity on the list. ahh ya I think I should. You know at some point we want to do anything. Just wanna lay on the bed. It seems that we are tired for all along the week, then I think sleep is the best option. Oh well, I think ya you can do this as your activity but hey, do not sleep every time when spending your holiday. Sometime you need to go outside dude. Alright. Huh I think you understand what I mean.

5. Do an exercise
To make you in a shape, ya use your holiday time to have some exercise. Yap even some people have their routine time for exercising. You could go for jogging, having a gym, bicycling, or other activity that make a sweat. Exercise is very important for you especially if you just spend your working time just sitting on the chair.

Well guys, I think those are the example activity that you could try for your holiday. Actually there are still may activity that you could do for your holiday. the important thing is make sure that your holiday does not go for nothing. Make sure that you enjoy your holiday and make your mood happy. The when you holiday ends, you are ready and fit to work and back to your routine again.

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