the popularity of fastfood


Even tough people know fast-food is not healthy, people are eager to consume this food because of the taste and simplicity. In Britain fast food become a trend along with the different level of group including high, average, and low income. It could be conclude that, fast food is consumed by all of people including low income group.

We should be aware that fast food contain a saturated fat, which is different from a healthy fat in the fruit such as avocado, peanut, coconut, etc. Eating a lot of saturated fat could create many disease. It is also bad  for a people who are in diet program.

Since the consumption of fast-food has a side effect, many researchers interested in this topic. The chart from the research shows two different sample of fast-food namely hamburger and pizza. Since 1970 to 1990 the consumption of hamburger and pizza show the improvement. All of the three income group seems to consume more in these fast food.

Base on those research we could conclude that pizza and hamburger are fast food, and they seems to be more popular than before. Since fast food is not healthy, we should control about eating them, and keep eating the healthy food.

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