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Well today this is for a long time I have never written a personal story in my blog. Well this is my blog and this blog contains a variety of article. My blog does not have a certain topic. So it could be said that my blog is a general blog. Anyway back to the topic. Why I write my personal article today, it is simply because today I have written 400 articles. Ya, probably it is not very cool, for the professional writer but for me it is great achievement.

Well to write 400 articles I have spent about 7 years. The first article that I wrote in 2012. Well, I am I slow writer, I don't think so, I am a good writer, I just not focus at all on writing. You know, I have a lot activity outside, especially when I was in the university. I think this blog was made when I was 18 years old. I was so young back than. I really miss my young era. In that time, I have no problem in my head. Today, I am 25 years old. I have more problem in my life. I need to find a proper job and I also need to find a scholarship.

Let me tell you about the metamorphosis of this blog. At the first time, this blog use the blogspot domain, But I want to get more serious in writing, then I buy a domain name, In that time, I was busy, and I forgot to pay the bill to extend my domain contract, so this blog back to its real name After long time had passed, I was interested again to use the domain then I bought What is the meaning of this name? it is the stand for of blog rezki = blogrez.

Well today, I am really happy because this blog is still alive. Back than, I had a lot of blogger friend, but today, It seems all of them has gone to the real world. Actually, I miss u so much,if you read this I hope you could give me some comment or something to say yaa.

And what else I could say yaaa, oh yaa I hope this blog will grow as a great blog. I hope I could make money from this blog. I am sorry if this blog provide article in two different languages but yaaa it is because my native is Indonesia but I still want to learn English.

At the end, for everyone who read this I hope you can give a comment here, and let me know you hahaha. Should I end my writing now..... aaahhh let meee think for a while maybe it is still something that I need to say.

ahaa I remember I forget to tell you back than I had a lot of visitor, but after I left my blog for a long time, and I wrote nothing in my blog, it seems all of may loyal visitor has gone. but I think its okay, I will start to write again and I believe the visitor will come back again.

lets finish this article, I am tired of  writing already. Good bye my friend, see u again in the next my personal story. Keep in touch yaa hahaha

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