Garldson city essay


In the town of Garlsdon, people have some plans to build some supermarkets. There are two possible areas to establish the building either in the town center or in countryside area. Town center is located in the middle of housing which means it really close to the main population of the town. In addition, town center is surrounded by industrial area. After that, this area is also in line with the railway. and main road. It is also not too far from other cities.

However, the other plan of building the supermarket is in the countryside. This location seems not as good as the first. Countryside has a small distance from the main population. This location is also a bit farther to the main road and railway comparing to the first one. In conclusion, the town center location is much better that the other location due to the strategic location, the access to the supermarket, and even to the access of neighbor city namely Bransdom and Cransdon.

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