the competition and cooperating skill for children


Today, competition becomes a hot issue in all of the aspects of life. Some people believe that prior to the successfulness, people must win the competition first. This point of view also happens to the children. Some people agree that competition in children should be supported while some other think that co-operate is more important to be learnt. Thus each side has the positive and negative effect to children.

First, competition is very important for everybody including the children. When the children are good in the competition, they tent to have the greater chance to be success in the future. This will shape a strong of self confident and independency. However, as a social creature, human will never be able to live alone. Thus, we cannot consider to competent in every situation. Sometimes, we need to cooperate to others in order to gain the successfulness.

Second, co-operating skill seems to make use adaptable to every situation. When we are good in cooperating, we will able to blend to others and working together to gain a certain goal. Unfortunately, this skill will make us to be more dependent. In fact, in some cases we must work alone because people are not around us and want to offer the help every time.

To sum up, the two skill is very important to be train for children because if one of them is missing, the children may have a flawless which causes the difficulties to gain the successfulness in the future. Thus when the children master both of the two so well, the chance to be a great figure in the future is absolutely high.

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