The transportation of the railway in the biggest cities


In this modern era, the transportation system is getting better. Today, transportation is not only about car on the road but also the transportation which is called railway. Some of big cities has been able to develop an underground railway system. Those cities are London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto, and Los Angeles.

London is the earliest city which opened the underground railway system. It was opened in 1863 with  394 kilometres of route. It also became the longest route among the other cities. Besides, for the passengers, this transportation reached 775 million per years.

Paris was opened in 1900 with 199 kilometres of route and 1191 passengers. Other cities, Tokyo, was built in 1927 with 155 kilometres of route and 1927 passengers per year. Washington DC opened in 1976 with 126 kilometres of route and 144 passengers per year.

Interestingly, in Kyoto which was established in 1981 the route is very short. It is only 11 kilometres of route. Moreover, it has 45 passengers per year. This railway may be the lowest route and passengers among the others.

Lastly for Los Angeles, it was opened in 2001 which is the youngest. It has 28 kilometres of route and 50 passengers per years.

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