The process of silk


Silk is soft material which comes from the insect known as silkworm. Silk is taken from the cocoon before it becomes a moth. So lets se how the cycle of silk worm and the process in creating a silk.

In the beginning of life cycle of silkworm, an adult moth will produce so eggs. After 10 days, this eggs will change in the form of larva. This kind of larva taken a mulberry leaf as the consumption. In the next stage, after 4 - 6 weeks, the larva will evolve to be a silk thread. In the following days, after 3 until 8 days, silk thread will transform into a cocoon. This cocoon should be taken to produce the silk because it change to the moth in 16 days.

In the production of the silk, the first step is to select a ready cocoon. Then, boil it into the water. After that, unwin the cocoon and twist it. The nest step is to weave the cocoon. Finally, weave it and dye in the pot after it is cut into 300-900 m.

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