the benefit of making a diary blog


Diary blog is a blog which usually tell the reader about someone' life story. I personally do not really like the diary blog unless the writer is someone who I adore so much. In addition, diary blog usually doesn't have as many visitor as commercial blog does. If  you want to get a lot of money from blog, I don't think diary blog is the right choose for you. Still, some people write the diary blog. Why would they do that?

Simply because diary blog has its own benefits. Here are some benefit of making the diary blog;

1. Reducing the stress level
I don't really know about this is true or not but some people believe that writing can help to people to reduce the stress. When you are writing, you throw out your problem in your mind into your writing. Its just like when you share your problem to other people. Some people believe that this activity could reduce the stress.

2. Easy to get topic
Since your blog is about yourself, you don't need to think what should you write about. Just write what happen to yourself today, just as simple as that.

3. Improve your writing skill
This is a great way to improve your writing skill because you can start writing easily because its all about you. Many writing spend time to think what should they write about. 

4. Make a memory of your life
You will probably want to re read about your life in the future. So you can save your life story in your blog.

5. Get some feedback from your reader
If you allow your blog for public, the reader may give a comments or feedback for your life story.

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