sport facilities to improve the public health


In some opinion people believe that sport facilities are really helpful to improve the healthy lifestyle among people. They said that, people will motivate to use that equipment in order to improve their health. However, in reality the facilities do not have a good impact to increase the quality of healthy life. Those are the following reasons, why it does not give any effect at all.

First, Equipment do not guaranteed the motivation of people. In other words, even with fully equipment if those users are unmotivated they probably will not use them at all. If the facilities are the main problem, how come some of the wealthy are less healthy than the middle class?

Second, not all of people like sport, some people maintaining their health by using their own way just like choosing the healthy food. We could not force people to do sport by using equipment. Let them enjoy their own way to stay in shape.

Third, there are so many natural sports which is available to be used. People can jog on the street or beach without using any treadmill or equipment. Even people can do push up just by using their own hand.

Fourth, there is so many public gym or central fitness in most cities. People can easily go to fitness center if the really want to use the equipment. Still the question, are those people have motivation to do sports?

To sum up, sport facilities do not encourage people to do sport in order to be healthy. What people should have is the motivation. Motivation is the key to improve the public health. So, instead of providing facitilies, healthy campaign should be the solution to improve the public health.

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