What happen if many languages die out


Many languages in the world have gone due to several reasons. If we try to circle back to the ancient era, perhaps the most popular language is not English instead of Greek or roman. However, those ancient languages have not been used for many decades and lost their speaker. In reality every year several languages become extinct. Some people may say this is bad for the world, however there are some reason why language extinction to always bad for us.

When fever language in the world people become easily communicate to others. The main reason why it is quite challenging is to be united because some time we do not have the capability to speak in other language. When this happen, some bad situations could appear just like become stranger and being isolated.

It’s quite easy to go everywhere around the world. Just imagine that if English is used around the world as a second languages, perhaps we can go everywhere without worrying about speaking to other languages.

What do you think when people want to read a good book but the book is not available in their language. When there are fewer languages in the world, the chance to be a speaker of international languages as English would be increase. I believe that why less people are not able to speak English because they are so many languages in their place. So they may not interest to learn English. It would be different when in this world only small number of languages exists.

So for those people who are not able to speak English it can be harder for them to get information from the world including from the book.

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