Community service for high school students


Some people say that working as a volunteer must be included for high school program. They opinion could be for an experience for the students. This true that experience is very significant for the students. However, there are some reasons that should we consider about the unpaid community service for the students in their study time.

First, working as a volunteer could be disturb the schooling curriculum because it needs a lot of time. Normally, in high school there are very limited time for the students to study. Moreover, there are so many subjects that should be mastered. I believe that voluntary experience could be implemented after the students have graduated from high school.

Second, I don't think that the students like to work without any payment. They spend a lot of time, energy or even money to have those job. This is not a good approach to let the students becoming unpaid worker. In some cases this unpaid community service could demotivate them to work in the future.

Third, high school students may not mature enough to work for some particular job. This could create a bad experience for them and may create a conflict in their working place because we know that, a high risk job which require a maturity even may cause more complicate problem for the school and the company.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that unpaid community service should not be implemented in high school program because there are a lot of drawbacks that impact for the school, company, and the students. This program is really suitable to the students after they have graduated instead.

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