why people decide to stop blogging, should we


Long ago, before the internet connection is not easy as today, many people like to spend their time reading a blog rather than watching YouTube. It really remain me how difficult to play a single video on the internet which very expensive in that era. Fortunately, the enhancement of the technology is growing rapidly so that now we could feel the fast connection which we did not get before.

Unfortunately, since the fast growing of the internet, many people change their habit from the reader to the watcher. Honestly, even I myself feel that how good YouTube is. YouTube seems to provide anything which blog provides before.

Nowadays, people like to invest their time on YouTube rather than on blog. the migration is very reasonable, it simply because there are so many people are looking the information from YouTube. I should have known that, watching is much more enjoyable than reading. It probably requires less energy and concentration than reading.

So the thing which springs in our mind is the blog reader would be gone to zero. Well I probably said no. Even though watching is more enjoyable than reading, there are still some people who prefer reading to watching. Of course this type of person probably is not the majority of human in this earth, but at least blogger still have their own loyal reader.

There are some areas which writing and reading are the most significant in their circle. It is what we call the academic world. In academic what people do the most is to read and to write. That’s why every person who wants to be a great academician should read a lot and write a lot. This is also the good news for the bloggers because they still have academician on them.

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